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Anyone else watch? My initial thought was 'agggggggggggggggghhhhhh! Not a fake American accent!' but within 5 minutes I'd more or less forgotten about that. The fabulous Philip Glenister stole the show, but Mackenzie Crook was amazing and Christian Cooke (as well as being very good looking) was great too! The dialogue was good ( P.G: 'Use the force, luke' 'C.C: Very funny' ) the special effects very well done (glad they managed to find something freaky they could put on before 9pm!) and the story pacy. What did you guys think?
(any excuse for a piccy of Philip!)

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Oh my god. it's Robby!

spontaneously luminescent
i like totally want to see it! :guitar: but i can find a torrent for it :confused:
so i guess i will just stick to watching the episodes of

i have not seen :o


can't reMember

Oh my god. it's Robby!

spontaneously luminescent

I thought it was alright, I don't like the american accent that Phil (gene lol) is using. I find that will annoy me. I am going to watch it sat for sure though, give it another go.
thank you, just watched it, i liked it, gr8 cast(i have not decided who is hotter: Ruby or Mina :confused:)
now the bad part, his stupid accent, i agree, its gotta go :cool:
also, calling the monstes 'freaks' i think they could have worked hard on a name for the 'bad guys' :o
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