Suede Bootlegs 92-95


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Wonderful stuff. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

Edit -- Does anyone know which songs Butler participated on for Dog Man Star?
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Unfortunately I don't have it with me here in LA, but there's a great boot called "Performance" which was recorded in February of 94. Prior to the release of Dog Man Star, it was one of Bernard's last performances with Suede. Many DMS tracks are performed.
Does anyone have a link for this? I can't find it to buy anywhere, or to download. It's quite important that I hear Butler playing DMS songs.


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Performance is one of my first and favorite bootlegs ever.
Brett tries so hard on "This hollywood life" it's touching, but the song is butchered anyway ;)

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So Gone
6.My insatiable one

7.He's dead

8.Metal mickey

9.New generation

10.She's not dead

11.Sleeping pills

12.Stay together

13.So young (Jools Holland 4/6/1993)

14.The next life (Jools Holland 4/6/1993)

15. My insatiable one (Jools Holland 4/6/1993)

Enjoy :guitar:

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Carnation, that bootleg is great :D

The DMS songs sound very good, I especially liked Heroine, Bernard does something different in the chorus, very interesting. Oh, and Pantomime Horse :p how badly is sung! Was Brett too drunk?

I must say Suede sounded amazing live (The Tears however didn't...)


So Gone
You are welcome :) I'm glad you liked it. Performance is my favorite bootleg. A classic!

I've uploaded their first Black Session, 1993.

Metal Mickey
My Insatiable One
Animal Nitrate
Pantomime Horse
He's Dead
The Drowners
Chase The Dragon (so young)
Sleeping Pills
To The Birds

I really like the 1+2 black sessions. France's answer to the Peel sessions!
I was lucky enough to see them at La Cigale, Paris in May that year.
It was my first Suede concert, a perfect memory :D
A live bootleg of this gig exists. I think it's called "Live in Europe 1993"
I'll looking for it, if you are interested. And the sound is excellent, if I remember correctly.


I'm sorry if I missed it (?), but I would love to hear the "Edinburgh 94" which is mentioned.
Or just any 'pre-dogmanstar' live bootleg - anyone here in posses of the Edinburgh 94 gig?


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OK, downloaded "Performance"......why cant it play in iTunes? I'm trying to "edit" the track information and its not allowing me to.....what gives?
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