Strangeways Riots...20 years ago today

Jukebox Jury

I remember it well..... the Poll Tax Riots had been the day before in London and then City went to Villa on the Sunday....not won away all season.....thousands of Blues packed behind the goal chanting non stop ''we're not paying the poll tax, na na na na etc'' and ''you can stick your f***ing poll tax up your arse'' and all of this was beamed live on ITV as City won 2-1 with Peter Reid getting the winner:cool::cool:

On the way home, on the coach, the radio is on and the news said the 'Ways had gone off and up in smoke.......
Mad weekend....... 20 years ago today:guitar:

Jukebox Jury
PS I never did pay a penny of the poll tax:rock:

This charming man.

Throbbing member.
I remember going to watch it after the Conspiracy night club closed at 2am. I was E'd off my tits and found it a good place to come down. They used to fly the helicopter just above the roof and keep the inmates awake by blaring a siren every 15 minutes or so, so they couldn't grab any sleep.
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