Steve Jones covers "Everyday Is Like Sunday"



I don't like russell brand is hysterical

Have just listened to this , not for the first time and thought that at times moz was interviewing Russell.
They did have a laugh together it was fun
Es un hysterico Brand es insoportable idon't like rusell brand


The Courage to Get on People's Tits
The Russell Brand interview was alright too.

Well, Morrissey took control in the Russell Brand interviews. He felt comfortable enough to do that but it also changes the situation and they're not revealing and insightful interviews because he's basically playing with Russell.

Moz Posse-Shot Caller

It's a shame Morrissey has never been on Jonesy's Jukebox. Can't imagine it's for lack of an invitation.
Stop fantasizing you live in Moz Angeles and listen to KLOS. If it wasn't for Aztec, you delusional wackos would of never known about Jonesy's Jukebox. You are so lazy you cant even think of something of your own to post on a place like So-Low.

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