Solo - I need YOUR help.


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I have been searching for days and came up dry; help me Solo, you're my only hope.

A few weeks ago I saw a picture of a canvas or print that had the silhouettes of many fromtmen/women of various bands. Morrissey was of course one of the images.

I thought I had bookmarked the page that it was on but alas, no I hadn't.

And I can't find it again. The images were all silhouettes and were block colours. I'm not sure if there were names attached due to copyright, which is why I'm having such a hard time finding it again.

There was also a link to a site that had taken the images and was putting them on T-shirts. You could choose the colour of shirt and the colour of the image too.

The Moz silhouette was of Young Moz, standing upright, beads visible, microphone held upright in his right hand, possibly taken from the pic that was used in the sleeve of The Smiths.

Hopefully someone knows where this site / pic comes from. I'm beginning to think I dreamt it in the midst of a fever.

Thanks in advance,


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My secret's my enzyme.
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