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I recently found out about the "Smiths on guitar" blog and I am very excited. It's very well organized and it contains official, scanned sheet music, not only tabs. Only a few songs aren't there ! It also has many covers of the songs, taken from youtube and recommended Smiths guitarists who have youtube channels ( I also found myself there :p). Musicians (and not only), if you already haven't, check it out !


Hey orestes, thanks for the kind words.:)

I am doing an overhaul of the file hosting, and all of the guitar pro files are still dead links. They should be fixed soon.

I did a big update recently and now have most of the Louder Than Bombs: Off The Record scores posted to individual entries, as well as the Singles book.

I'm going to cut up my copy of The Smiths Best band score by Shinko Japan, in order to scan it. Look for those tabs in a few months. It's the last(and rarest) tab book on my hit list.:guitar:


If only I could have one these guitarests for my last Smiths tribute band! They're really good at nailing Smiths songs! If there's any guitarests around Chester that are interested in writing songs and playing a few Smiths covers then give me a pm! Desperately needing an alright guitarest!
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