Smiths bootleg request

A more interesting alternative to all the above is an excellent audience recording of the complete concert (recorder: Soundsville International's Steve). The sound quality is almost as good as that of the radio broadcast, and the full set was recorded. This is mainly found from bootleg specialists at this point in time, and on the internet in lossless format. The more common full sets in MP3 format have inferior sound, they probably were produced from a tape copy. This transfer is often miscredited as being the Dundee recording from the following night.

After having seen the Margi Clarke interview with Morrissey from 85, i'd love to have this bootleg (Barrowlands, Glasgow 25/09/85). So...anyone on here who has it, and is willing to share? :)
I know there also was a broadcast of the concert on the radio, but that recording excluded two of the songs from the set, so I'd rather have the audience recording actually. Both of them would do as well! ;P

Thanks in advance.

Mike Mozfan

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I think I have it, let me check my boots, I don't know if I could burn a cdr for you, but I will look into it! :guitar:
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