Sinead O'Connor offers to make a record with Moz via her Facebook



This could be good. We know Morrisseys disdain for or inability to court a record label. let the woman do all the legwork, lol, and show up to the studio and make beautiful music You want to , she wants you to and the world. .. Millions of us are waiting with open ears. Something about love and emotion, leave the politics for a while and get happy, the world isn't a horrible place, nor a lonely planet. Connect.


Writers on the storm
That would be great. During their duet on stage she could rip up a picture of the Pope whilst he rips up a picture of the Queen. Oh much to answer for!


BrummieBoy - "Facebook Non-Entity"
Invite Dolores to sing along too!
Will Moz & Sinead dress up as priests and do a totally lulz Fr Ted-esqe video?
They both need to get back on track and humour's probably all that's left for them.
Sinead is special, she took on the Pope when it was totally mad to do so. And on Saturday Night Live!
Morrissey jumped on that bandwagon years later as he perfected his Plastic Paddy Tax Dodging Englishman with chip on shoulder stuff for 'Irish Prick, English Arse'. Total eejit he is. At least Sinead realises she's got real 'issues'. Morrissey has yet to have what the AA literature calls a life-changing 'moment of clarity' about his barking-ness. But, sure, it's all good! Even Damo is bigging Moz up, only a matter of time before the Industry caves? No way. He is persona non grata, ain't that right, Stevo?

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Talbot Street

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Who will be Mother?



This is a message for Skinhead O'Connery, sorry but me and Diesel are staying at the Pestana's for the foreseeable and besides that I'm going to be running for London mayor !
Didn't you know !
And besides besides that, you are unclean having worked with Mandy Rourke, so there !
Ex friended !




I guess she needs a break from getting into arguments on Twitter and contemplating suicide on Facebook.

He would be stupid if he even entertained the idea. She would drag him along to the psych ward.

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