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cornelius blaze

Boychild mustn't tremble!
I love Corny's beard!!:thumb:

Oh crikey....i shaved it off on monday.

It would be easy for me to be nice about anyone who I may talk to here privately or do so on another site or for a few that I know in the real world.

I would like to say though;

Pregnant for the last time has a laudable attitude towards her friends on this site.

Nrith has made me laugh once or twice.

Jukebox seems to have a very kind & helpful nature.

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Jukebox Jury seems like a very friendly, nice person.

Superhans is fun because he can sustain a good argument.

Blue Jag makes me laugh because he seems to be on a mission to annoy people without realising it.

Bored seems like a decent chap.

I, of course, am wonderful.

And. though I have had no contact with her, GirlAfraid23 is quite attractive...


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Superhans is fun because he can sustain a good argument.

Blue Jag makes me laugh because he seems to be on a mission to annoy people without realising it...

I must admit I almost admire them... Though I wouldn't be so sure Blue Jag doesn't realize how annoying he is, I think he's just having a laugh. But he means no harm.

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Scarlet Ibis is a smart, beautiful artist and writer.

Bagface is the cool brother you always wish you had.

Pregs and Corrissey are both amazing people w/ great depth - and great fun to be around. The Dynamic Duo!

Echobay is a beautiful, wise soul inside and out.

Warroom is multi-talented and has a great speaking voice.

JoyDiv007 is friendly, fun and well-traveled in her Moz adventures.

Troubleluvsme is strikingly beautiful....wish we had more time to talk!

Greycard is a great photographer, and so kind for sharing his photos and videos (and Moz sweat - via handshake). :p

Such a variety of rogues and rascals I never would have met otherwise.... Deep people, interesting people.....Just another gift from the Mozfather.

Je Suis Julie
Mell and Sweetness522 have been supportive friends - hopefully we'll meet soon! I always look forward to posts by Iamaghost, Alma, Fran, TheCatsMeow, EPbabe, UncleSkinny.....sorry this is becoming a laundry list..... I'll stop now, though there are more. My niceness is making me ill.

Oh, Shawn has the best avatar!

Naranjito was the best troll :p


I like too many of you, and my list would go on too long. seriously. :o

I'll probably end up listing everyone later though anyway. :rolleyes::p

oye terence

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I like Dave, he is one of my favorite posters.
Cornelius Blaze is a sharp dresser.
And even if I said something once to piss him off and it really did(sorry I was just being a jerk that day), I think Superhans makes many good points and has great taste in music.


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Scarlet Ibis gets my kudos for starting a positive thread and I tip my hat to all of you who have contributed so far.

Thank you Scarlet.


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Cassius, Nugz, Corny, Corrissey, PFTLT, EPbabe, Buzzetta, Bagface :)blushing:), I am a ghost, PT, crimes, modrevolve, Joey, shawn, frankly, and anyone else I are the good part of solo. You all help to keep this place nice and enjoyable and also you're all really hot and I'd do any of you in a heartbeat.



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Scarlet Ibis, kind soul that she is, reached out to me when I was lonely and shy, and remembered my face after more than two years! Talking to her again made me smile. :) And, of course, she has a boss Morrissey tattoo. :cool:

Cassius is very intelligent and has a good sense of humor.

Pregs, likewise, is very intelligent and often makes me laugh.

Oye Terence has the best one-liners.

The Seeker of Good Songs posts interesting news stories that I might not read otherwise.

And, of course, as Hellie pointed out, all of the Vegetarians here rock! :guitar:

Will post more later. :)


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Franzanna has a lovely singing voice (a lovely singing voice).

Wha-? When did I sing? Maybe you're confusing me with Franissey, who sometimes covers Moz songs? :o Thank you anyway. *bows*

Most of you are nice, I'm afraid I can't list everyone. Kiltie for showing that creepy and funny does mix well, JukeboxJury and UncleSkinny for being funny, Corrissey, Pregs, ScarletIbis, EPBabe and many, many more for all being lovely. Oh hell, so many nice people, I can't give everyone a place. The chances are that if you're posting on this thread, I like you. :flowers:
What a great thread, I wouldn't know where to even start.
I think I'll work on it and post it later on.

Thank you for your kind words, Julie. I really wish we did have a chance to visit.


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Kiltie for showing that creepy and funny does mix well,

You gave an excellent description of Kiltie. :lbf: He never fails to put a smile on my face... And although many of you may not know, he's a great poet too.
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