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I posted this in the collectors corner, where I think it went largely unnoticed. This is the crossfading version of Rubber Ring/Asleep, taken from the cd single (The Boy With The Thorn In His Side):

Rubber Ring


Oso Blanco

The Truth Is Out There
At last, someone has noticed this thread!

It is two tracks on the CD, but they are crossfading like the vinyl version. If you burn those files on CD again or join them in some other way, there should be no gap!


looking mighty cool
Thanks a bunch !
another gap is filled :)
I posted this ages ago, it was available on a cd single like this and the only way to keep them together is to up-load them both to I-tunes from the cd and then select the two songs and combine them. It does mean unfortunatley that they do not playback as individual tunes but it does work.

It was also combined on The world won't listen wasn't it? And presuming it was i think you could probably upload that to itunes making sure you put a tick in the box (or not if that is the right way around) to make sure that there are no gaps between tracks. That way it would probably work that you could listen to them cross fade but also select them individually. Anyone tried this method? I have not got The world won't listen on CD so I am not sure if it would work this way.


Oso Blanco

The Truth Is Out There
Rubber Ring and Aspleep are not crossfading on The World Won't Listen, they are not even close to each other on that disc.

And no, I won't upload anything to iTunes ... I refuse to do anything with iTunes. I HATE iTunes!


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Absolutely fantastic, thank you very much!!!

It is quite uncommon to find Flacs in this forum!

A few days ago I won an ebay auction which in a hurry I did bid on without reading the description, later I did read it and saw that it is a Boy With The Thorn CD from the rhino box. Aggghhh!!!
Thanks to nice people like you, I don't feel so angry with myself anymore, and I feel kind of compensated...
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