Rescheduled U.S. tour dates to be announced Nov. 12, New Zealand and Australia remain - TTY

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In other words, Mum is on the mend. Good to know :guitar:


Re: U.S. Tour Dates Reschedule news, New Zealand and Australia Remain - HURRAH!

Excellent news for us :) So happy all is well with M's mother and the NZ/AU tours!! I was getting worried for a while :(

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Great news! It's made my day :)


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so will tickets go on sale for a second time?

Well. if you hold a ticket to a current show you should be all set for the rescheduled date. If you cannot make the new date, you can get a refund.

Once the rescheduled dates are announced, they will go back on sale, and tickets should be available if a) the show was not sold out to begin with or b) if it was, as tickets are refunded they will be made available again.

Should there be any NEW shows added to the itinerary, then yeah... there will be a brand new on-sale.


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It get more serious regarding reschedules, I hope every postponed gig will
be rescheduled, and tickets bought will be accepted rather than change them into a new one with
the new date

maybe he can do some rehearsel gigs in the UK, as the Frontier Tour will go on starting Australia -New Zealand:crazy:

just spectacles:lbf:


In other words, Mum is on the mend. Good to know :guitar:

Was she ever ill ? Did the super-healing doctor who mends bass players in quick time help ?
Guess we'll never know, at least the hurricane Sandy mess will be cleaned up...... Hang on wait a minute !!!!!!!!

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