Reading, PA - Sovereign Performing Arts Center (Jan. 18, 2013) post-show

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Set List:

Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Black Cloud / Alma Matters / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / You're The One For Me, Fatty / Action Is My Middle Name / To Give (The Reason I Live) / Speedway / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Still Ill / November Spawned A Monster / I Know It's Over / Let Me Kiss You / People Are The Same Everywhere / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / Meat Is Murder // How Soon Is Now?

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from oldpunkchick on aynim

Great show! Moz did not like the seating/standing arrangement at first. He remarked about "the huge gap" in the audience. "Noooo, that won't ruin the evening at all. What a great idea, it's perfect". Shortly thereafter he commented about it again, delaring it "STUPID!" Finally the guards let pretty much anyone and everyone up to the front! I think he was happy after that.

My fave moment: a fan said something like "your shirt is beautiful and you look so handsome", and M said "no argument here".

He introduced the band as a hockey team.

Seemed to be in a good mood, received several gifts, lots of handshakes, and had some gentle stage invaders give him hugs. Audience seemed really into it. Overall, I'd call it a very good night!

PS: LOVED the shirt!


Great set list....bummed it was a short show....always want more Moz! T o Give was done beautifully....thanks Morrissey and band for another show well done!


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What a night! My first Moz show! I was pleasantly surprised -- it was awesome. I'm very tired right now, so forgive my typos or whatever. Morrissey and the band were perfect. I was actually really happy with the song selections. It was the same, but very good...great mix of great songs. At one point he forgot the song lyrics and he's like "I forgot, I'm sorry." SO CUTE. But really, it was perfection...he was funny, cracked jokes, talked with the crowd...made jokes about them all being ill...except him. It was soooo much fun. There were stage raiders, everyone rushed to the front row because there was a huge gap, which Moz made sure to point out to everyone! Really cool stuff.

The downer....the CROWD. WTF is up with Morrissey fans? Now, compared to what people have said on here about other places, the crowd seemed much more respectful and pleasant. However, what a buncha bores most of them. Don't get me wrong, there were A LOT dancing and having fun. But then there were the 10 people around me....who I swear were just there for the beer and to get tranced out by the lights or something. Literally, just staring. I understand people enjoy things in different ways, but it seems like a majority do this. Either way, it was tons of fun, the crowd was cool for the most part..and I enjoyed myself greatly.


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Great show in Reading. Our man was in fine form. The "gap incident" was just like at the Mann Music Center back on the Tormentors tour. Crowd was good, not too sedate, very respectful(except for one guy in Row G). No surprises in the setlist tonight...started with Shoplifters and Everyday, ended the main set with Meat is Murder(the videos had the row of ladies in front of me upset...but not as upset as the Gorden Gekko-like douchebag at the end of our row who thought that after MiM he would vent loudly that Moz was depressing everyone and he needed to play songs that people knew AND then proceeded to yell that he REALLY wanted a steak. he and his charming girlfriend/wife were perfectly nice before the show, but they were double fisting drinks the whole time and the asshole in him came out. The boys encored with HSiN. Supposedly the whole band, and Kristeen Young, had the flu (Boz even wore a facemask the whole time except while playing the clarinet and was introduced as "Infected with germs....Boz Boorer"). Moz said something along the lines "Tomorrow, I'll be on a gurney and they'll be in speedos out by the pool". Too many highlights to remember...there was the usual shirt removal at the end of LMKY, a good amount of stage invasions, even one by a young lad who clung to the man like glue. Debated thru the whole show whether or not to buy the signed canvas but ended up passing...looks like they'd sold out anyway by the time I got up to the merch table.
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Not being a huge fan of Moz's current band, I was pleasantly surprised by tonight being the best Moz concert I've attended (about 20 now since 1997). Sound was fantastic (excellent job sound man/woman, thanks for not cranking Jesse in the mix!), band was tight for being sick, Moz sounded great, was in good spirits, etc.

Boz is a trooper. Broken (?) arm and flu with a facemask. I'd also say that new drummer is the best Moz has had.


What a night! My feet hurt, my body aches, and I am tired from driving but it was well worth it! I was fortunate to have a PIT ticket and thought it was pretty grand to have security only allow the first couple of PIT rows against the stage, as there was no barrier between the crowd and the stage. Although I think Morrissey prefers the chaos as he commented about the gap between the PIT and seats and I think he wanted the pushing, shoving, aggression that is per usual at his shows. As a female who is fairly short and thin, I certainly don't need the beefy male trying to knock me over - really...what kind of threat am I at 5'4?? However, you grin and bear it and just strive on! I thought the set list rocked - though missing a couple of my favs - I knew the set list he was sticking to and was just glad to hear "Speedway" and "Maladjusted" which were brilliantly performed!

For all the fans who are seeing upcoming shows, enjoy every second. It's magic.


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My sister was the one who told Morrissey about his hot shirt. I'm still trying to get her off cloud nine, a total dream for a 25 year fan!

Good show tonight considering they were mostly sick. No surprises with the setlist but it was sound. Fair amount of stage invasions. Morrissey made a change in the setlist at Goodbye Will Be Farewell, so I'm not sure whether that was added or something was skipped.

After bam and AC last week and reading this week, not sure Port Chester will top it but we'll try!





He said....

"Oscar Wilde was held in the Reading Jail. I walked around and looked for the Reading Jail all day and couldn't find it. I wanted to burn it down".


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Does ANYONE have photos or video of the encore???? PLEASE!!!! I need it! I kissed him!!!! :eek:


Does ANYONE have photos or video of the encore???? PLEASE!!!! I need it! I kissed him!!!! :eek:

Yeah you were the one who got thrown back into the crowd by security knocking my wife out of the way. You weren't even in our area. Ridiculous.

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The fact that Morrissey played within 45 minutes of where I live was a dream come true. The show was fantastic. Finally after 5 or 6 songs the security realized they were outnumbered and Moz's own security even came out to allow them to let the audience have their way. The show was awesome - Moz was in great voice and seems fitter than I've ever seen him. With a Morrissey show it's not always about the songs he plays, but sometimes the songs he doesn't play. I severely wanted "Jack The Ripper," alas no. No "First of the Gang" nor "Irish Blood." But everything he played was awesome. So glad to be there tonight. Morrissey is a gift from God.


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oh, my, God! Thank you! Yes that's me :yum::tears:
Morrissey was the lucky one :thumb:

Everyday Is Like Sunday

Still Ill / Morrissey Speaking To Audience

Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

Ouija Board, Ouija Board

Black Cloud & Alma Matters


Action Is My Middle Name

You're The One For Me, Fatty
Thanks to tyrant2525 of YouTube​
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I would really like to know what happened with the shirt...?
It seemed like two guys wouldn't let it go and one of the security member had to rip it into pieces to make everybody happy?

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