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I want to thank all of you who've sent me good wishes and positive thoughts and prayers over the past months.

I completed my treatment for lymphoma a month ago, and had a follow-up scan last Friday. I just received word that the treatment was successful, and I am in remission.

Hopefully, I will have hair by the time Morrissey comes to town. :rolleyes: Right now, I am a Suedehead. ;)


Excellent news.

Congratulations and best wishes for Christmas and New year. :)


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Yay! That's wonderful news.

Ben Budd

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That's fantastic news. Get on your dancing shoes and we'll skittle to the song you're forum nick is named after.


No way...
Congratulations! Great news! :)
People always say "Happy New Year" and maybe not always remember what those words mean, but I can imagine that they ring so true for you right now!

So: Happy New Year, Pregs!!!



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I'm very happy for you girl, you're a tough cookie indeed. :)
my favorite poster yay
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