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Way more embarrassing that you care.
… you are free to spend less than 23 hours a day on this website if you wish




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You well know that the original version of Jeopardy! began in the 1960s. Light Housework's art is fine, it's not to my personal taste. I called it inoffensive. She enjoys doing it and it's good for her to have something positive and productive to direct her energy towards. I fail to see what's "desperate" about what I said.

You really misused the word "alarming" by applying it to what I posted an hour ago. That's just disrespect for the English language on your part. I'm sure there have been many things posted on this website over the years that have been 'alarming'; "admitting to being a creep just to spite Verso" isn't one of them. Maybe you were looking for the word "annoying". It annoyed you.

What's creepier: me looking for the obituary of a long-time forum poster who we were told had died, or you remembering every last detail of a forum poster's trip to Europe (with your own spin on it of course) that took place two years ago? And you were enthusiastic, positively jubilant, about divulging the details, as if you were sharing an anecdote from your own life. You know what it was? It was alarming.

As for the obituary, if I had found one then that would have been it, case closed. I didn't ask an American to send me Arizona newspapers by air mail so I could scour the obituaries, it's a Google click away you know. I love how you pretend that it's such a shocking, taboo idea. Why spend years talking to people here if you can't be bothered to look into it when you hear that someone has died? You have a strange relationship with death, first you "didn't know what to do" about offering condolences a few days ago, and now this. If you want me to go into detail of how I looked for the obituary and what exactly I looked for, I will.
If I heard that you died I would do the same for you, Dave!

Or are you forbidding me right here and right now, in front of everyone, from looking for your obituary? Am I violating some sort of unwritten forum rule, the knowledge of which only you are privy to? If it makes you feel better, I doubt I would find anything, nobody knows your name or where you live. What do you think I'm going to do, man, show up at the funeral? Maybe you think I'm going to show up at your funeral with a giant cardboard 'thumb down'. Is that it, do you think I'm going to downvote your funeral? Maybe Vegan Cro will show up too with a giant cardboard ':eek:'.

Anyway Dave, we knew Jehne's full name and where she lived and still I couldn't find anything! So all we have to go on is that one thread. There's probably a logical explanation for it, maybe you can think of one since you have an opinion on everything else?


It wouldn't be so alarming that you are "a creep" but that you would say so. I thought looking for Jehne's obituary was weird for reasons that don't really have anything to do with you personally and that I won't go into except to say that she was sometimes the unfortunate subject of interest of truly creepy people ( I wouldn't include you in that category) and personally I think that she should be allowed to be free from that sort of interest, however innocent it may be on your part.
I think that you have your own reasons for taking interest in people that post here. I don't know what they are but I don't think you mean anyone harm.
As far as me personally I hope that my death will be unknown to people here and will never be the subject of a post or a thread on this site. There are some interesting people here that I'd like to know better under different circumstances but the site itself is toxic and I think anything that begins here is probably tainted from the start.
As far as obituary threads go it would be kind of like placing a memorial at a sewage treatment plant.


about Ruth
Last night I wanted something from 7-11 so I walked over there but the door was locked. I was forced to go to AM/PM instead. They're both right by the house I live in but AM/PM is closer. I just prefer 7-11.
Anyway, coming back I saw this black woman on the sidewalk dancing and singing. I don't know what she was singing but she was really into it. As I got closer to her she said hi and I said hi back. I said, "you're really on a good one, huh?"
I meant that whatever she was high on had really worked. So then she decides we're friends and she pulls out this wad of dollar bills and asks me if I'm going to AM/PM. I told her I was and she said, "Can you get me something," and starts trying to hand me cash. I asked her if she was banned from that store and she said she was.
Wouldn't that suck? There are people who act up in the store and get banned. They can't get anything even if they have a handful of dollar bills. She could walk to 7-11 which is close but maybe they've banned her, too. After that the next closest store that is open late at night is about ten blocks and she would have to walk through some dark areas to et there.
What happened is that the police decided it would be a good idea to destroy the homeless camps on the north and south sides of town and the homeless didn't vanish into thin air as I assume they were supposed to. instead they started camping out in town and so what used to be a quiet little walk to the store is now like a zombie obstacle course.
Anyway, I assumed this woman wanted me to buy alcohol for her and instead of taking the money I said, "I can't buy alcohol if that's what you want. I don't have my ID with me."
This made her angry. Where she'd previously been like the lost Supreme doing her choreography and backup singing to an imaginary Diana Ross and having a good time, her mood totally flipped the switch.
She gets right up to me less than a foot away and says, "What's wrong with your haircut?"
She told me! I guess she doesn't know that I gave myself this 1988 Martin Gore haircut on purpose!

Maybe she didn't get it because I wasn't wearing the bondage/heavy metal gear.

Anyway, I thought that "what's wrong with your haircut" was a great thing to say to someone when they tell you that they can't/won't buy you alcohol with your own money, but her mood change and the way she got so aggressive wasn't really fun and I just said, "Okay, I'm done here," and walked off without further incident.
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