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I don't mind admitting that I'm winding down now. I don't want my job to be too difficult. And it shouldn't be anyway. It's basically an administrative role. They've tried to make out its more than that but it's not. I look at what they're paying me and I know what's expected of me at that price.... Not much.

What’s really Brilliant is that you can see the merit
You can discern the value, your own worth and your own value
So grab my bull by it’s horns and do it Your way.
The bullfighter dies..the Bull lives on.!

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I want to be left alone. I've had so many years of being talked to like a piece of shit. I'm at that stage where retirement beckons. I'm at the stage where I don't want fear to be part of my vocabulary. Im at the stage where I'm becoming an old man and I don't need to be talked to in the way my employer chooses to talk to me. I find it objectionable. I find it negates everything about me. I find it wholly unacceptable.
You are right to feel offended by it but remember that the way they talk to you is more about who they are as a person than who you are. People like that are given one little bit of authority and they find the validation they never felt anywhere else in their life. They don't really trust it. They suspect that you don't fully respect their authority and so they set to work making it plain that they are above you in the system which provides employment to both of you.
You can't control how other people behave but you can control how you react. Allow them their fantasy that their life somehow has meaning. That's what they're really struggling for. And don't take it personally when their poor manners and obvious lack of decency become apparent.

Mz Understood

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People will always throw stones in your path
It’s up to you to decide whether to pick them up and build a bridge or a wall
Build for Your future ...let God be your architect.

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I like it when my dad drives me home in the car when I've been up to visit. We can both look straight ahead and dad's concentrating on driving. We don't have to face each other but we can talk about whatever we feel like. We cover so much ground. He's always reassuring.

Your posts are like a Play For Today on YouTube.

Which is a compliment.

I hope things work out well for you.
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