Possible names for Morrissey's next album


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No silly...we're guessing names for the new Morrissey record, not your biography.



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It can't have a more dull and unimaginative title than "The Messenger", that's for sure.


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I had 2 unfortuntly delete my post last nite coz I ended up posting a load of crap in the very early hours of the morning after id had a few little glasses of wine!
I broke my own rule, not 2 come onto the internet at such times when I havent a clue what im posting !!!!!!!!! :(

But perhaps if we wish hard and long enough maybe our dreams could come true and morrissey could call his album something like :-

"miss young the great"

"kristeen and I, together forever we go down "

"kristeen take a bow"

" kristeen, the one who makes life worth living"

" My never ending nitemare without kristeen"

" kristeen - dream of life "

Im going a bit patti smith now!

But woudnt it be simply wonderfull, especailly if the entire album was a duet with miss young! we can only hope! :)

Id love 2 design the album cover for him tho, Id produce somthing that would be absoulty amazing !
no one would have ever seen anything like quite it!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

But ya never know with our dear morrissey, hes a total an enigma, even 2 this very day, we STILL havent a clue who he really is, nor what fantastic suprises he has in store for us! :)

Good evening im off 2 make a cuppa green tea! :)

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