PIX: Moz Fans Unite and Take Over New York City 10/22/07 - 10/29/07


Party People,

My pix from a week of fun in New York City- seeing Morrissey and hanging out with many Famous International Playboys and Girls!

Pix: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jaytando/sets/72157602808415953/




Monday 10/22/07

Met Lisa in Atlanta for connecting flight to NYC

Well I had not seen my Swedish friend Lisa H. since 2004 in Manchester for the Moz B-Day show. It was great finally seeing her again- we both had a layover in Atlanta (her from Sweden and me from L.A.) before connecting to New York.

Last on the plane with Tripp

I heard my name at the terminal in Atlanta and it was Tripp- a fan I met in Florida 2 months ago! he made sure all 3 of of us made the flight (we were all on "standby" - he works for the Airline) and we shared a cab from the Airport to Midtown Manhattan with Alex the Cabby.

Freshened up @ hostel and snuck into show to balcony for last 4 songs

Tripp made the show just in time but Lisa was exhausted after 18 hours of traveling from Sweden so we went to the Hostel we stayed at the first 2 nights - only 4 blocks from the Hammerstain Ballroom- and freshened up. We decided to go see our freinds after the show but when we arrived the show was was still going as it started late! We didn't want to spend the $70 each to just see the end so we snuck up into the balcony and saw the last 4 songs. Sorry Moz but we paid for the rest of the shows!

Times Square

After the show the "Irregular Regulars" were exhausted from queueing all day and went back to their apartment. Lisa and I walked around Times Square

Amadeus Pizza on 30th St. and 8th Avenueis the best!

Tuesday 10/23/07

Ran by line and through Hell's Kitchen

I woke up and decided to go for a jog. I passed the Hammerstein Ballroom and saw the “Irregular Regulars" already queue-ing up for the night's show. I decided this time my sleep and health were more important than sleeping on the sidewalk for these shows just to be up in front. Also the politics of who saves spots for who and other stuff just is not worth it. So I said hello and ran NW through Hell's Kitchen. Not nearly as bad as the hype.

Show about 15 heads back

Lisa and I arrived about 6:45 PM and had about 15 people between us and the stage. I lost my cool when some jackhole decided at the last second at 9 PM to try to weasel his way in front of us. I am tall enough to see over most but Lisa isn't- so I asked him to move. He didn't so I moved him. Aweome show! Yes Krsiteen Young DID say "Morrissey gives great head- I mean [oral sex on a woman]" and was promptly fired after the show. I admit it was tough to get used to her voice- but she had grown on me. Sad for her now. She was very sweet when I met her 2 months ago after the Clearwater, FL show.

Drinks @ Molly Wee with teh "Irregular Regulars"

With no shows until Friday the gang decided to cut loose in Midtown. We found an awesome Irish Pub called Molly Wee's that became our unnofficial post-show hangout for the week! Got reaquainted with many fans and met many more new ones from all over the globe!

Walked to water

At about 2 AM Lisa wanted to see the Hudson River so we drunkenly stumbled West until we hit the water.

Back to bar and Amadeus Pizza

At about 3 AM Lisa wanted to crash out so I ran back to the Pub and then got some more of that amazing Amadeus pie before passing out in the Hostel.


Off to Andrea's Upper East Side apartment

We checked out of the Hostel and were on the Subway to meet Andrea ad the gang at her rented Uper East Side apartment. Fun times all week as up to 8 fans crashed in various nooks and crannies coming and going at all hours of the night!

Off to que and shopping in Midtown got some underwear to avoid doing laundry

We made keys for everyone in the apartment and I decided I did not want to waste my time in NYC at the laundromat so I bought some more Calvin Klein boxer briefs.

Off to WTC/Downtown for shopping @ Century 21

We then were off for shopping at megastore Century 21 and I was almost left behind as my Metro subway card was not working. Thank gawd Lisa noticed I was missing and the gang came back for me!

Bowery for Vegetarian Dim Sum

The gang decided it was a must to devour huge helpings of Vegetarian Dim Sum in the Bowery of Brooklyn. It was pretty good stuff!

Split off to see The Shins @ Termial 5 in Mid-Town

Lisa wanted to get off the Subway at Grand Central Station so we left the gang and we ended up seeing The Shins at Terminal 5. The show was just about over when we arrived but I was still getting my wallet out to pay the $40- and they handed us free tickets! So in we went to hear about 3 songs. Wow 2 free end-of-shows for us!

Back to apartment met with Nugzie/Christina and went to East Village to "Iggy's" and danced like the drunken fools we were

The night was still young @ midnight so we joined Nugzie, caught a cab to a hole-in-the-wall pub and got smashed. The girls took video of us dancing our legs down to the knees.

video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_PWzGOyAdY

Thursday 10/25/07

Ran in Central Park

Just had to go for a jog in Cenrtral Park. Amazing. I had flashes of "Marathon Man" channeling Dustin Hoffman as I circled the lake on the same path he trod

Caught up on emails

The rest of the afternoon was spent dorking out on my new laptop and catching up on my Internet habit.

Rescued Andrea, Adam, and Andrew from aggressive gay men in Grenwich Village

I got a distress signal from Andrea. She needed saving from some dudes in the Boys Town area of Grenwich Village that were being too forward with Andrew and Adam and herself. When I arived to save the day I said that I was all of their boyfriend. I'm not gay but if I was Adam and Andrew would be my bitches. Andrea showed me the book that Morrissey bought form the Oscar Woilde bookstore that day. They missed seeing him there by mere minutes. She had to have a copy.

Got some food with Lisa

Finally getting back to the apartmet we decided to get some late-night pastries. So good @ 3 AM

Friday 10/26/07

Met Kim and took her to the que

"Appleblonde" Kim arrived from Texas and I escorted her to Hammerstein and some quick shopping!

Shopped got a NY hoody

My fave NYC souvenier- a hoody that was much-needed with my only other sweatshirt soaked from running in the rain.

Went to Moz show and watched 4 heads back with Kim- some jackhole knocked off my glasses trying to stage dive- found them mangled but fixable

This was another great show - uneventful until the encore when another jackhole decided to use me as a launching pad to stage invade. If he had just asked me first I would have gladly thrown him up there- but he didn't. I just felt two hands on my shoulders from behind and the next thing I know my glasses are flying off and some dude is climbing my back. Thankfully my glasses were recovered about 20 feet back - lenses intact. Frames were bent to hell but I fixed them okay. New Opening band "Girl In A Coma" were fab.

Molly Wee's with the Euros

Another night of drinking with the gang at Molly Wee's!

Saturday 10/27/07

Ran East to Hudson river and up North through Harlem

Well now I know what Harlem is like. Took a 5-mile jog NE up into the ghetto and back to Upper East Side.

Show was incredible-again!

Arrived for the show and followed Morrissey's stage manager through the crowd up to an empty spot next to my friend Lisa about 4 heads back on the far left side of the stage. Moz was in his best form tonight. Tux was cool. Met my NY feind Mike K. and is wife for drinks before the show and later at the "Sons and Heirs" Smiths/Moz tribute band at B.B. Kings. Great show- right up there with some of the best cover bands I have seen (and I have seen a few)

Sunday 10/28/07

One more night

One more day of walking around Central Park and the Upper East Side. Met my NY friend Mike G. for some pizza and off to the show. Kim traded me her N-type (special line pass) ticket for my general admission so I got real close- 3 back center stage! I was considering jumping up onstage to shake Moz's hand but Andrea vetoed my request to jump over her. She got pummeled by all the other ones anyway. Oh, well- probably for the best that I did not attempt it. Eddie the bodyguard might have broken my neck hafd I actually made it onstage.

Monday 10/29/07

Back to Moz Angeles with Swedish luggage

Napped for a minute and was up @ 5 AM to catch a cab and flight back to L.A. !! Now Lisa gets to see Hollywood again!
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Oh my, great pictures. Thank you, I'm thrilled that all of this was documented in perfect Tando-style.

(but my name is not Bob.)


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no I do not recall the name of the book but it was very gay with a bunch of homo-erotic pix

no mystery as to what Moz is into...

wow...I'm a little speechless :eek:

Did your friends end up at the bookstore by mere coincidence or did they actually hear that Moz was there? Sorry to be pestering!


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Oh God, dear God... please kill me.

Just get it over with.

It never ends. The malady lingers on.

Wait... I gave a girl the tongue? How drunk was I???

Oh well, at least I'll be more popular than Jay with the lesbohemians.
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But all your friends do the very same thing before the show. Weasel their way to the front of the line.

We know you are having fun on your little witch hunt- but my advice is if you have an issue with someone in line: confront them directly- exactly like I did :)

Stirring up the pot on this Forum is exciting for you I am sure- but really if you weren't even there at all it is best not for you to comment at all- I think the parties involved can settle their diffrences just fine on their own - in person ;)

Love, Peace, and Harmony



thanks for posting these.


i am standing on a step and julian is still taller than me. hah.


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Great pics, great memories. Thanks for posting these.



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Great pics. Enjoyed meeting you after the show at BB's, and thanks for the kind words. We had such a fun night. Maybe we'll get to play Moz Angeles before too long.
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