next Morrissey European tour?

predictions for the next Morrissey European tour-
What is your prediction- when will be the next European tour? (I need something to look forward to)


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Next wil be canada in spring or summer 2019.
Europe maybe autumn 2019 with a new album of own songs (recording due to start in january) to promote...


His fan-base in the UK (and to a lesser extent Europe) has hemorrhaged, as witnessed by the cancelled tour last year. His formal endorsement of right-wing politics (Johnny Robinson, For Britain etc.) made the front page of the papers and the main news websites on 3 separate occasions all within months. Once could probably have been forgotten, twice is borderline, but three times just changes people's views permanently. Even a long term fan like me might never go to see him again unless he withdraws his support for the bigots. Your choice Steve.


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hopefully a European tour is in the works for 2019. I'm still a bit puzzled as to why he hasn't yet played Tel Aviv again to promote an album with several references to Israel.


Banned from the clubs in tel aviv, once again
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