Never understood the disappointment in Maladjusted?


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I always considered maladjusted to be a really great album with the exception of 2 or 3 middle filler tracks. IMO I think had he or the label switched out a couple of those middle tracks for some of the B sides that came out, I think the album could have been just as good,if not better than even Vauxhall. Now, I am was,Heir apparent,Lost,The edges are no longer parallel,this is not your country,I can have both etc.... Those B sides (off the top of my head), I think are much better than some of the tracks on the actual album. I know the Legacy version adds some of them, but it felt too little,too late. That said even as the original album does stand with a couple of the filler tracks in the middle, I still have always thought it to be right up there amongst his top albums. I never understood all of the hate and fuss for it??? Plus it has what I consider to be the quintessential Moz track and one of if not my favorites of all time. The song, Trouble loves me is amazing,not only for the song itself, but it is quintessential because it showcases the perfect blend of the typical Moz sound. You have the mellow piano and acoustic guitar bits, as well as the heavier more rocking distorted guitar bits. Its a great song! And a great album that I could never understand all the hate for.


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I've never had a problem with Maladjusted. One of the earlier records I picked up from Morrissey.
But there's just something about it that doesn't fully add up.

As you said, the tracklisting is not half bad.
Trouble Loves Me
Wide To Receive
Roy's Keen
Satan Rejected My Soul
Alma Matters
and the famous Sorrow Will Come in the End

These are top songs and literally half the album not counting the b-sides.

I always crack jokes about it saying it's Morrissey's Mid-life crisis album.
Every album I enjoy because you do feel as if we've moved on to a different era of Morrisseys life that shows in his music.
Same thing about YOR. I can't say a bad thing about it. I love the raw and hard hitting songs it has on it.
I'm always confused why others don't enjoy it!


I love maladjusted!

favorites ~ ammunition, trouble loves me, alma matters, satan rejected my soul

and even roy's keen (he's allowed to have a silly song)

only a couple songs are meh
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