my story with The Smiths

I heard about the Smiths in 1984 when my sister played "This charming man" again and again in her bedroom I was 15 then. My father and I complained about this. "He can´t sing, turn it off, please! And what´s the name of the band? The Smiths? The what? That´s ridicoulos, I can´t even spell this" we said. After a week or two she switched to boring stuff like Culture Club. Well, I nearly forget about this Band with this strange yodeling singer.
As I was really into new records these days, I noticed "Meat is Murder" a year later in our local record store. The words "Meat is Murder" on a soldiers helmet. That´s strange, I thought. Ah, it´s this strange band my sister heard last year. Hmm, I deceided not to buy this record. Another year later I heard "Bigmouth strikes again" on the radio and I was completely enthusiastically about ist. What a fantastic record I thought. I have to buy it as soon as possible. We were on holiday, driving with a car. The radio dj announced "Bigmouth". I told my Father, my Mother and my Sister to shut up as I record it from the car radio to my battery driven radio recorder while my father was driving the car. After the holiday I bought "The Queen is dead", and I was totally stunned about the record, wich came in green vinyl here in Germany. My favourite track was "There is a light". I heard it so often, that I deceided to buy a C-120 tape and recorded just that song about 25 times one this tape. It´s my favourite track still today, and Morrissey and The Smiths gave me the finest moments of my life. Thank you.


That's a good story. Does it make me weird that I love reading about how people met and fell in love with the smiths and Morrissey?
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