My quest to visit Natalie Portman in America


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And if the author of this thread is anything to go by rightly so.


My secret's my enzyme.
Right now...

Imagine that there are two mini Buzzettas on my shoulders. To my right is a angelic, harp playing Buzzetta telling me to shut up and mind my own business. On the left is the pitchfork toting Buzzetta that is twiddling its fingers like Mr. Burns on the Simpsons.

Actually, the good Buzzetta would be on the left and the bad Buzzetta would be on the right.

*runs away*


Does this have anything to do with Road Hog and Kate Ryan?


My secret's my enzyme.


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she's ashamed of her semitic roots that one. yeah, i said it.

How do you figure that, you idiot? Not everyone needs to wear an Israeli flag for a cape and jump around saying, "I'm a Jew!"

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