Mporium (USA) - signed book bundles (sold out) & recent tour shirts available

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From the 'official' Facebook page:

Signed book bundles and a collection of the latest US tour range now available @ the Mporium US store.

Unfortunately, the UK store is not showing the same shirts or offers.
The bundle was $85 and contains a LOTL t-shirt, poster & signed copy of the book and..... was sold out yesterday - which kind of makes advertising it an hour ago a bit daft!
Nothing would surprise me anymore with such woeful marketing.

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I tried buy the bundle just a couple of minutes after I got the email about the new stock, and it was sold out.
Must have been just a few left from the current tour.


My one true love
Got one! Luckily my size went on sale. Timing in life is everything.
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