Moz loves Trash

The Wild Turkey

Wild T!
Moz gave a complimentin' comment about the song
Trash by the New York Dolls, sayin'...
"For an hour, for a second, for a minute, it has never dated.
And that's the test of fantastic music."

Any other folks got a song they feel like this about?


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There are a coppola and my theory is that there is always a tiny lil unusual element that can preserve the freshness of the whole song forever. Here it's the repeated tongue click. It is indeed the drop from the holy grail that contains and bestows everlasting youth. Not every song benefits from this treatment. It has to be special first of all.


i love trash too!!!!

SO good :hearteyes:

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'Agadoo'. Timeless.

Reminds me of the office Christmas party - remember them???? You know what we used to do? Me and Michael Maloney from Accounts, we used to take it in turns - we'd sit on the photocopier and photocopy our bums!

We were crazy!!!
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