Morrissey v Canada and Where Will He Chart Here?


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I will ask you, even if this only interests me... where do you expect World Peace Is None of Your Business to chart in Canada?

In response to this comment in another thread I went off on a bit of a tangent and wrote a mini essay so if you're interested have a read.

"Well you can look at it this away: There would be a lot more seals getting blown to bits in a national seal hunt, than sales of the album."

I'd have to ask people 3,000 kilometres away in Newfoundland where seal hunting occurs to find that out.

Please excuse me as I go on a rant that is not at all meant to be angrily directed at you...

The idiotic thing about Morrissey's boycott is that the vast majority of Canadians have NOTHING to do with the seal hunt. Here in Ontario adjacent to one of the world's biggest and best modern cities, what involvement could I possibly have with what goes on in another province 3,000 kilometres away? In actual fact Ontarians have no more to do with the seal hunt than New Yorkers do.

Morrissey knows as well as anyone that the government is capable of sanctioning things that certain individuals are against and that it really has no actual reflection on the people.

There are various and sundry other countries he should be boycotting before Canada in order to avoid looking grossly hypocritical. But I offer him a compromise -- boycott Newfoundland (with a population of a mere 514,000) and return to entertain the remaining 35,000,000 Canadians from British Columbia to Nova Scotia.

Let's face it: places like Vancouver, British Columbia, Montreal, Quebec, or Halifax, Nova Scotia are far more beautiful and cultured than the locales he seems to favour in the American midwest. He's missing out and it's his loss.

Or don't bother with this wretched nation and continue visiting squeaky clean Russia when your health permits (or the Scandinavian nations where seal hunting also occurs -- if more widely -- might I remind you).

On a relevant note however the highest Mozzer has charted with an album in Canada is #22 with Vauxhall and I. Let's see if he can beat that this time round.

Surprisingly he hit #8 in the singles chart with of all songs "I Like You" back in 2005...

"The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get" -- #34
"Irish Blood, English Heart" -- #7!
"First of the Gang to Die" -- #57
"You Have Killed Me" -- #3!!!

Are his only hits on the main chart here.

Not that I'm old enough to remember but I do believe he was big on the modern rock stations in Canada in the early 90s.
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