Morrissey To Play One Off ''Acoustic Set'' For BBC6

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A very good friend of mine (and a source for past info that has been correct) sent me a text to say Morrissey is to do a live acoustic session for a forthcoming Radio BBC6 show ''within the next two weeks'' - including a new song he has been working on:eek:

I sent a text back but she wouldn't elaborate any further other than to say ''watch this space''.

So, watch this space:thumb:

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At last, something interesting. The BBC are planning to shut down Radio 6 so this is good support for the station.


I hope this is true.
It'd be good to hear him speak out or show support for 6music, they play his singles loads.


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Ooooooh - I hope this is accurate. I don't want to be disappointed (truly, truly, truly) again.


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But apparently the first post was made 'Yesterday, 11:11 PM', so if that's April's fools, it's cheating.

Although maybe that's CET, which would be 00:11 in the UK... Either way, I'm hoping it's true, but my money's on April's fools. Prove me wrong!


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this is wonderful news. really picked up an already pleasant day. i truly hope this is true because if it's false, we will never believe a single thing you say!


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I'll believe it. Even if it is an April Fools' joke, I'll at least be happy thinking it's true.

Ignorance is bliss :rolleyes:

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A pal who works @ the Beeb says this is for real.


JJ lives in a part of Manchester where it is still February. So I don't think the April 1st thing will have registered with him. Perhaps his "friend" is having him on? Not nice really, the poor lads just sat at home writing Valentines Cards and someone does this to him :lbf:

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I have it on good authority from a BBC source that he is releasing a new album per month starting in April and commencing a world tour from next week onwards.

You heard it here first.

joe frady

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Yeah, apparently it was his very good friend Michelle Joyce that texted him. :rolleyes:
I love these Manc humourists. They're almost as funny as those hilarious Scousers. ;)

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Whether it's true or not, I'm curious whether Moz-solo has ever gone unplugged (whether concert, TV etc)


Whether it's true or not, I'm curious whether Moz-solo has ever gone unplugged (whether concert, TV etc)

I've Changed My Plea to Guilty. Vocal and Piano. Recently reposted on here from Jonathon Ross on Channel 4.

The closest to 'unplugged' that springs to mind.
april fool? jizzboxjuicy jokeboxjury we love jj
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