Morrissey to play Copley Symphony Hall, San Diego, Nov. 10th, 2018 [now on Ticketmaster]

UPDATE Sep. 23:
Posted by Famous when dead:

September 22, 2018

"Tickets for Morrissey's show at Copley Symphony Hall for November 10 went on sale today. The show is now Sold Out.
Morrissey is delighted to have Starcrawler as special guests for this show."

UPDATE Sep. 19:

Support band confirmed as 'Starcrawler'.

UPDATE Sep. 17:
Event is now on Ticketmaster site. Link posted by an anonymous person.

UPDATE Sep. 12:

Posted by an anonymous person:

Event isn't on ticket master or morrissey official Facebook anymore.



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It's all good
I like how the poster isn't Morrissey but someone who could never, ever be mistaken for a right-wing arsehole who wants your money.


I like how the poster isn't Morrissey but someone who could never, ever be mistaken for a right-wing arsehole who wants your money.
A white gay american, they tend to be the biggest racists out there. Not out of free will but because of their upbringing.
Not that being right-wing is in any way racist. The problem with people like you is that despite being well educated in one particular field you are completely clueless when it comes to anything outside of that.
Imagine what you would have achieved if you had focused all that anger into becoming the next genius at Tata.
Instead of TATA it all ended up being a bit ta ta.


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Reckon what a lot of billy ox mate inn nn nnn nn n n it. I reckon I called the Copley Hall and Ventura and they both told me "no basketballs allowed!" Reckon this is poppycock because I was dreaming of having Air Steve sign my basketball. I reckon I will have to hang out at the Starbucks on Melrose all day with me basketball and pray Air Steve comes in for the daily order of Orange Mocha Frappacinos instead of Day-Day going to pick it up. I reckon I am not even going to think about bringing me basketball to the taco concert because Air Steve will be so focused on eating his potato tacos with extra guac he won't be paying attention to anything inn nnn nnnnn nn n n it.


Not baed for someone who can at all down the street in a flat cap

vegan cro spirit 55

SOLD OUT IN 15 MINUTES!!!!!!:rock::rock::rock:


skinny and his losing sock puppets:thumbsdown:




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Fookin hell blikey mate inn nnn nn n nnn n n n it. Sold out really fast. Less than 15 minutes. I reckon the rumor of John Maher moving from Portland, Oregon to Rancho Bernardo and John is going to show up and Air Steve and John are going to play a game of one on one on stage while the band play "we love that basketball" has reckon made this show sold out.
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I can’t believe Morrissey is playing in San Diego when I am visiting.

Anybody been to this venue? I will need to get a ticket off Stubhub even though it will cost more than I have ever paid for a gig ticket.

I will be there on my own so if there is any type of meet up that would be cool.


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I reckon Uncle Steve and Aunt Nancy's neighborhood was evacuated today in Malibu because of the Woolsey Fire. I ye reckon me hope they were already in San Diego. It would be a chipper curry c*** tit thick wacker if this was cancelled tomorrow inn din't inn n nnn n nnnn nnnn n it.


Sold out and not one ticket on stubhub...


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Fek thick c*** wacker. I reckon tons of scalpers and people begging for tickets in downtown San Diego. This is a nice venue that he has played before, but the California Son could of sold out a much larger venue inn nnn nnn n n n n nnnn n n din't in n n it . I reckon me have me basketball and hoping Air Morrissey will sign it at the backstage entrance on B street.



Moz is in the building

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