Morrissey Central: "I Am Not A Dog On A Chain" (November 29, 2019)



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how protective she or he is. there was one of those morrissey dolls hidden in the latest james dean photo montage too.

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A portion of the lyrics to the song have been leaked, and I have it on good authority that they are completely accurate if not totally made up:

The press are vampires, sent to drain
Poison pen employers, hold me up to the flames
And what do I get, for being vain?
Endless attempts to besmirch my good name.

Even though I know--I suppose I'll throw
any goodwill I’ve earned away.

Despite all my pain I am not a dog on a chain
Despite all my pain I am not a dog on a chain


Very embarrassing.:expressionless:
Barnaby,what in F are 'poison pen employers' WtF?
that is so bad, it would make for a good DramaJ Le Pew song:censored:


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Now ... you can't tell me that's a natural position for a dog. Has the alleged, supreme animal rights champion posed a dog in an undignified manner to sell tat? Yes, yes he has.

That's right, Morrissey, abuse animals for entertainment. What a f***ing misfire!

Can you get any more pathetic?

Actually, forget I asked; I’m sure you can.....


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If that's the actual cover, I think I'd be wanting to know where the artwork budget went (and why). Surely that's just Sam giving us the benefit of his wit and artistry... isn't it?? :paranoid:
Mind you, I remember thinking exactly the same about LIHS.

It doesn’t say anywhere that this is the album artwork, so I’m not sure why people are assuming it is.
i am not a dog on a chain info
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