Morrissey and band from Mando's instagram


UPDATE Nov. 11:

An anonymous person posted the link with the same photo:

Morrissey Band Busy At Rehearsals -
11 November 2016

Photograph taken in Melbourne, Australia, 2016.
From left to right:
Gustavo Manzur, Matthew Ira Walker, Jesse Tobias, a trapped deer, Boz Boorer, Mando Lopez.
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Imagine stumbling into that crowd one evening? Old guy is hot

Quando quando quando

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that seating arrangement looks way too crowded and closed in for my enjoyment. moz is so cute, though.

I like it.
They look relaxed and amused.
Just a couple of nice guys having a laugh and a drink.
It has a very friendly character.
Moz as boss amidst his gang, somewhat bemused and shy and hiding. :thumb:

Quando quando quando

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Woman-free zone. Like every night....

I didn't see a sign.
Are you there every night? (I bet you would like to. No chance.)
I don't think so.
If it were a bunch of female artists on tour would you say man-free zone?
The ladies could have just seen as relaxed and having a nice time.
All your implied suggestions don't mean a thing to me.

Ketamine Sun

this would make a wonderful gatefold photo !

maybe for the next record ? ........ :pray::pray::pray:

A Man Escaped

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Not trolling but I recently listened to one of UK stand up comedian Richard Herring's Leicester Square podcasts with the Irish comedian Sean Hughes.

In it Hughes (a Smiths/Morrissey fan) said years ago he was walking on a London street when Morrissey and Stephen Street were coming the other way. The three of them ended up going to a pub. When it came to ordering drinks Morrissey said "I'll get these - between the three of us, I'm the richest!"


Why do Gustavo and Jesse look photoshopped in?


Why do Gustavo and Jesse look photoshopped in?

Cause it's a rigged photo designed by the media to promote mexicans as employed. In Reality they illegally slipped over the American border and are now gang Lords in Jersey driving irocs


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I reckon Steve only talks to Boz. That's why he is right across from him. Jesse is always his bitch and the brunt of all of his degrading jokes. Craig Gannon wouldn't put up with that shit! He doesn't say a word to any other band member. I've seen it.


LOL! Then the shy one, who he?:brows:

His name is Gustavo but I think it more that he doesn't speak English than a case of him being shy. In all seriousness morrissey to me looks like he's saying good grief who seated me with these people. He also might just want the band members to be the focus of the photo and not him for a change

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