I sell my collection : 42singles

here the list :

Ouija Ouija Board - Uk CDPOP 1622 HMV
Ouija Ouija Board - US Sire
November Spawned A Monter - JAPAN With OBI (rare)
Picadilly Palare - UK cdpop1624
Our Frank - France - PM 515 (rare with name in black)
Our Franck - US - Sire - Digipack
We Hate It When... US - Sire - Digipack
You're The One... UK CDPOP 1630 HMV
Tomorrow - US - Sire - Digipack
Certain People I Know - UK CDPOP 1631
Certain People I Know - Australia Digipack (rare 4 Tracks)
The More You Ignore me... UK Parlophone CDR 6372
Jack The Ripper CDPOP DJ 1632 (rare promo cardsleeve)
Interlude (Morrissey & Siouxie) UK CDR 6365 (rare)
Boxers UK Parlophone CDR 6400
Boxers - PROCD 7372 (rare promo)
The Boy Racer Part I UK Victor LC 0316 74321332942
The Boy Racer Part I UK Victor LC 0316 74321332952
The Boy Racer 1 track (rare promo)
Sunny UK Parlophone CDR 6243
Sunny PROMO UK Parlophone
Roy's Keen Island CID 671
Satan Rejected My Soul Island CID 686
Irish Blood... CD1 Attack Record ATKXS002
Irish Blood... CD2 Attack Record ATKXD002
First Of The Gang DVD Edition ATKDX003 (still sealed)
First Of The Gang.. ADVANCED 1 TRACK PROMO (rare)
Let Me Kiss You Part I Attack ATKXS008
Let Me Kiss You (Morrissey & N. Sinatra) VERY RARE
Redondo Beach Attack ATKXD015
Redondo Beach DVD Single VIDEO Attack ATKXD015
You Have Killed Me Attack EnhancedCD VIDEO ATKXD017
You Have Killed Me Promo 1 Track Attack ATKPX017
In The Future When... Attack ATKXS021
I Just Want To See... Attack EnhancedCD VIDEO ATKXD023
The Youngest Was... Part I Attack ATKXS018
The Youngest Was... Promo 1 Track Attack ATKPX018
That's How People Grow Decca F20000/4780362
That's How People Grow Decca UK Promo 1 Track (rare promo)
All You Need Is Me Decca F20005/4780965
I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris Promo CDPRO Lost Higway MRNR-02891-2
Everyday Is Like Sunday 1 Track Advanced PROMO

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