MODERATOR HIJACKS POSTS !!! moderator please don't change title to lower case thank you




Quando quando quando

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You're kind and got style. Peace from The Wild Turkey.

Please Wild Turkey, don't be to harsh on lanterns.
She is a bit suspicious cause inspector Clouseau was a troll and good at it.
We were all traumatized. :eek:
I had to increase my antidepressants for some time. :squiffy:

I agree with you Ketamine Sun is kind, has got style, is smart and funny and the content of the post which started the hijacking was interesting and to the point.
I don't want to make any assumptions as to why it was hijacked.
Well I have them but not going to state them again but waiting for an answer just as KS.
By the way, I like your posts.
Cheers! :thumb:

Ketamine Sun

If you want fairness start your own site and keep it going for twenty years then allow any random person to tell you how to run it and demand answers from you. See you in twenty years.

I'm not demanding or telling anyone how to run their site, my apologies if it comes across that way. Just think everyone who comes here and registers does expect some fairness and transparency or at least civility. And that a certain moderator 'liked' your post is very telling, but won't tell anything.

Dr Phil

That song says "still waiting" about a million times so it's on topic. But this is the off topic section of the site and the thread is about things that are off topic so videos and gifs are on topic.
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