Mike Joyce & Salford Lads Club: crowdfunding help wanted

"Myself and Salford Lads Club are looking for some help from you guys. The club is using 'Crowdfund' to raise some cash so they can employ a full-time sports coach at the club to work with the kids. Whatever they raise, Comic Relief will double it to achieve their target. At the moment they've raised £5,600.00p and the target they need to reach is £7,900.00p by the 29th of November. I've got over 7k followers so if just half of those donated £1, we would smash it! If you're feeling particularly generous and you donate £30, you get a cool tote bag with the logo from the t shirt I'm sporting in the attached picture. If you want one of the t shirts I'm wearing, then it will set you back £60. This T shirt is a strictly limited run for this campaign. If you order the T shirt, I'll put a little signature on it with thanks. All the info' and where to donate is here: www.salfordladsclub.org.uk

Thanks for reading and please share."

More details via SLC:

Direct link to crowdfunding site:


They are a worthy cause - although I'm sure the choice of words on the t-shirt will raise an eyebrow or two :)
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