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I just saw this programme on tv, if you don't know it, here's a brief summary: a guy called Adam Richman travels all over the US and tries all kinds of food, even the most horrendous ones. Not only tries, but he participates in eating contests as well. To my greatest surprise, he doesn't weigh 300 kilos, he isn't even overweight. I keep on wondering though what these hideous quantities of greasy fat food is doing to his body. How come he doesn't have any serious disease? Ulcer, pancreatitis, diabetes etc? Are there people who eat stuff like this day by day?

Beware, it's not for the faint-hearted:

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:lbf: Read some of the comments under the vid!

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It's a bit disturbing.

I will never understand it either, some people eat and eat and eat and they stay slim their whole lives, and others (like me) only have to look at a piece of chocolate to put on weight.

Same with the health aspect, I've seen people living a really healthy life and then they die being 60 years old, and others don't care at all, but they get 90 years old. A great example is one of my grandpas, he's 87 now, has been chain smoker since he was a young man, drinks a bottle of corn schnapps every evening and has been obese since forever. Still he's doing well and doesn't seem like he wants to die anytime soon.


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I've been watching him for a long time and LOVE him. I'd love to be a contender on Woman v. Food.


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Hey, an episode of that show was filmed in my town! He went to my dad's favorite German restaurant, our best burger place and a kind-of-a-dive place for a deli sandwich. Before the end of the year I want to try a pancake challenge at a little diner here - they have a wall of fame with 15 men on it but no women! And I love pancakes! :D


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He doesn't eat like that ALL the time....he said he has an "off-season" where he goes back to normal eating. I believe he even gets his blood work done to make sure he is always at healthy levels.

I think its a fun show to watch. There is one where he eats food with "ghost" peppers (super-super hot peppers) and his face looks like its going to melt.


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Hey...chicken and waffles are dirty south cuisine. I thought I recognized this joint as
D O double G's house of grub!!


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That show is a guilty pleasure. I watch it because it's horrific. Just like I must watch that Andrew Zimmern creature. He is an absolute gross-out.


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That show is a guilty pleasure. I watch it because it's horrific. Just like I must watch that Andrew Zimmern creature. He is an absolute gross-out.

I feel the same. I was horrified yet I couldn't look away.


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Here's a commercial for tomorrow's episode:

Note to self: When home at Thanksgiving go to Mallie's Sports Grill, home of Man v. Food biggest burger....
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