Morrissey Central "KAREN CARPENTER WAS OBVIOUSLY A GENIUS" (September 1, 2020)





Wanted to share this with you: 14 years since we’ve had a great Bond poster, but today the duck was broken. It references the Skyfall campaign, but it’s better in my view.
14 years? 40+ years past the time since a decent Bond film. There’s a Melvis signed poster from the last flick on eBay. It’s pretty weak but, if you’ll buy the shit pressings of M’s reissues, I thought you might like to know.


Some people taking this little dig way too serious.

What's quite interesting is that he already contrasted the Dolls with the Carpenters in Autobiography:

"The Dolls were a social unit, great fun, grave fun, salty and completely off the deep end. The opposite to polite and antiseptic, there wasn’t actually any visible line to avoid stepping over, and ‘We have new drags for England that will blow the mind off the Queen herself,’ laughed David Johansen, adding, ‘Oh we love all those queens ... everybody’s alright by us.’
Fast-forward forty years and such comments might not seem so harum-scarum, but this was 1973 – with the Carpenters on top of the world looking down on creation, and with Donny Osmond hanging on as the pickle puss face of America. How could people like the New York Dolls even exist?"

That entire book was one run-on sentence that proves both his illiteracy and his inability to get along with anyone.

Quit with the flowers. Won’t someone please feed Melvis the big bag of dicks that he so richly desires?


from the Ice Age to the dole age


It's all good
This is Rumer, the living embodiment of Karen Carpenter's golden voice. Beautiful stuff. On the first one Bacharach guests at the start



its not me its you.
Is there no way to forbid anonymous posters on this site, or to weed out chronic trolls?
that has been a question on here for years,the boss believes in free speech so you can more or less call M whatever you like and get away with it.if you see anonymous just scroll on by.

Pier mont

Looks like ol’ Mozzer has recovered from mourning his bikini clad mum and is back to his usual daily rubbish thoughts.
Have you any pics of your mother looking good in a bikini? No? Don't be envious. Even fat ugly moms are loved. So they should be.

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