June 30 visit to Manchester, need suggestions!

I'll be in London June 25-July 1, and have planned a day trip to Manchester on June 30. I'm a lifelong Smiths fan, and have already arranged a tour of Salford Lads Club, and I'm looking for other suggestions for a die-hard Smiths fan.

I'd also love to find a vintage Smiths t-shirt, so any suggestions on places that may have them would be appreciated.


Change your dates! 1st July is the Morrissey Smith Disco at the Star and Garter in Manchester 10-2.30


Morrissey's Manchester: The Essential "Smiths" Tour
Book by Phill Gatenby
Lyrically unique, Morrissey saw post-industrial Manchester differently. Where most recognised the derelict remains of a Victorian powerhouse, he saw humour, where others saw post-industrial squalor, he felt the frisson of romance. ... Google Books

Originally published: August 26, 2004
Author: Phill Gatenby

Just buy this book and get a taxi.

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