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Vegan Cro Spirit 555

Just stop. What is the difference between being "anti-mask for political reasons" and being anti-mask because you're trying to sell a "wellness" product?
It's still selfish ignorance. If her products actually worked that still wouldn't mean that wearing a mask was somehow harmful to health.
Besides that you don't know what she's really trying to say any more than anyone else does but you've decided this is another issue where you need to educate the idiot masses with your privileged insight.


WTF??? wtf does this psycho babbling mean? if her products worked that still would mean you would have to wear the mask where you can hardly breath??:mad: even if the product kills the kung flu virus?🧐
suffocate yourself to death for no reason WTF FC??

Besides that? she doesnt REALLY know what she is trying to say? WTF??:straightface:
you just claimed to know what everyone was saying FFS!!!🤒

psycho babble fails:blushing:

Vegan Cro Spirit 555

Well that's right Moz. It's all about you, innit? f*** everyone else and endanger everyone else, you dipshit conspiraloon.

its about you skinny, take the mask off and smell the BS emanating from you left wing loon posts.:lbf:

Dr. H. Stein

It was posted on his website because of what is written on the placard.
It‘s an anti mask message, regardless of what the woman went onto say.
Morrissey is a knobhead.
You're the knobhead. Fake statistics do not a virus make, masks can cause C02 poisoning, brain damage (you've no worry), necrosis of the lungs and kidneys, and even death if you fall unconscious while driving on a busy road (try it). Boris, still alive, is a f***ing Tory bastard and his banker mates have made trillions from grabbing assets from failing businesses just like in 1929. There is no deadly virus, coronavirus is the common cold, some of us are doctors who are not bribed by big pharm nor hosiptal payola. Masks=brain damage - why risk it?
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