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Johnny Marr

Singer: Ray Davies, The Kinks

“For his words, but also his voice. He doesn’t croon, and I can’t stand crooning. His singing style is close to talking, and like [Buzzcocks’] Pete Shelley, you can hear the real person there when he sings. Less is more, and I love that.”

Rhythm guitar: Sterling Morrison, The Velvet Underground
“Just because he played like a machine, but a sexy machine that didn’t want too much of the spotlight. That’s the perfect criteria for a rhythm guitarist – or for a musician full-stop.”

Bass: Tina Weymouth, Talking Heads/Tom Tom Club
“She’s a musician who absolutely listens to what’s going on, and is totally unencumbered by macho showing off. I think there are lots of great female bassists for that reason, such as Kim Deal and Kim Gordon.”

Drums: Stephen Morris, Joy Division/New Order
“He invented a way of playing the drums that has been a bedrock of really great music ever since. People don’t realise this, but no one actually played the drums like that before Stephen came along.”

Lead guitar: Johnny Marr.
“Well it’s my band, so why shouldn’t I play in it? Those jingle-jangles aren’t going to write themselves you know! Oh, and by the way, our band would definitely be produced by Nile Rodgers.”

Band name: Marr’s Attacks
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Thanks for the information Amy . I like the grinning Marr photo much better then the tuff guy pose. Question does Moz even have/like tattoos ? I know he has played around drawing on himself for various pictures I've seen but .......


The picture is real, but it's not a proper tattoo. Bernard wanted Johnny to get an EX-SMITH tattoo for the sake of the photograph, but JM wouldn't go through with it so Bernard drew it on in marker pen instead. Incidentally, Smiths photographer Kevin Cummins took this photo; interesting to wonder how he felt about it, because at the time he was working with Marr and Morrissey simultaneously - flying back and forth between Electronic shoots and promo for Kill Uncle. He stayed friends with both of them for many years after the split.

The tattoo pic is from 1990. Here's an alternate shot.

I wouldn't really blame Morrissey if he wanted to bust JM's nose after seeing this pic.

Moz could'nt burst a balloon and its 22year old pic FFS !


from the Ice Age to the dole age


To be honest, I bet it still annoys him now.

If it still annoys him he knows what to do!!! Pick up the phone and stop being a muppet with a puppet band.
Johnny is still clearly VERY creative unlike MozBoz.


F/O johnny Marr. This guy has had nowhere close to the success of Moz. The Smith's ain't getting back together and sorry, the world is a better place for it. It was a time and place that is now over. If you were too young to experience it, then buy all the tracks and listen now. Also, there is a thing called "video." Good luck to Johnny with his solo career, he'll need it.

First, your comment is completely out of place in this context. Nothing in this is a war between Johnny Marr and Morrissey. His bit on crooning may be a jab, or it may be his opinion. But either way, it's nothing. Someone was interested in asking him questions, so they did, and here are the answers. It's not really more than that, so calm down. Also, if this were the time and place for a Morrissey/Marr fight, the relative "success" of either is really a moot point. He wants to play music, so he does. You don't like him, so you think he shouldn't, and it doesn't matter. You need a new hobby.

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