happy birthday to dazzak & littlecharmer

Happy Birthday :)

dazzak & littlecharmer

PS: Does Dazzak still come here? I remember his Pet Shop Boys obsession :p


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many happy returns of the day


happy birthday to you both!


the sad punk
Sadly, I think he doesn't. I miss his wit (even if us Off Topiccers were often on the receiving end ;)).

Same here. We used to have Pervo, Dazzak etc., now we have folks like kewpie.



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Ah, I still lurk a bit. I've been tempted to come back and belittle Morrissey's newer songs ("That's How People Grow Up" has to be a joke), but it's just not my style.

Thanks for the HBs, though. Day's been nice, and I'm going out later to get absolutely - and legally - sloshed.


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dazzak! Good lord, I was going to add my birthday wishes but thought you wouldn't be reading...Happy Birthday! Please start posting again.

(And HB to littlecharmer too.)

slum mum 1974

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happy belated birthday guys! :)
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