Grim O'Grady

Date: 27/10/2008 21:56:52 GMT Standard Time
From: Uncleskinny,

Ok Hugh, I'll tell you why I pushed the button.

You made three posts in a row, all thinly-veiled posts about Kewpie, one compared her to Hitler. Taken in isolation, they might be innocent, but you knew what you were doing, and it's disappointing in a way you felt you had to do this.

I like you very much Hugh, I really do, but you must understand that I, and the other mods do our best to play by the rules. I would have done the same no matter who the poster had been.

I'm a very simple man, and I've been told I'm very simple. I just want people to be nice. It's not a ban, it's a time-out. You were not given a time out for posting a picture of someone, it was for the combination of the posting and the intent, which, to me, was very clear. You must have know it wasn't fair.

I wish you all the best, and the next time I see you I'll buy you a few pints and talk about anything you want.



Date: 28/10/2008 00:20:22 GMT Standard Time
From: Morrisseythe23rd

The route of the problem is that rules the are not applied equally and that disappoints me. You know that I am right.

You know since Kewpie began... Yes, I've not forgotten the very important point of it was her who threw the first stone, then again, and again. ... you could have done more to stand up for what is right. Not just for me but in general. I've said nothing much about your silence. I've probably said more to Karin and I hardly know her. For whatever reason, you decided not to and that also disappoints me because you can't possibly think she is doing a decent job of it.

I 'knew' it was you and that really angered me. So much so, I punched a hole in my wall leaving me with a sore fist. I felt really let down. I believe that being a friend made it easier for you. Knowing me, knowing what I am like but no TOS was broken. God help us if we start getting locked up for what we might do.

I'd have been upset if David had taken the same action but not nearly as much. I honestly think Kewpie is mental and I pity her but I refuse to suffer because of her. I truly believe she tries hard and means well but that isn't enough, is it? If it was a business, she would have been managed out the door a long time ago. Everything in the end reflects on David and as it is his business, untimely I hold him responsible for everything. It is just a shame he couldn't give a f***.

Even after all the times Kewpie was a kaunt to me. When I saw her in London, how did I react? Then she did it again and when I again saw her in London? I even controlled verbal jokes from going in her direction. I was the nice guy that I try to be and kept a distance from her (to give her room). Given the chance, I would have expected her to go for me faster than she moves or deletes my posts but it was you who jumped in and I believe without understanding of what I posted. You became her patsy. Our apathetic fuhrer wouldn't let his nose get shit on it but you dived right in.

I was talking from somebody from the Moz world on-line after it happened. He doesn't use Solo but is very, very aware of what goes on there. He said he felt the Mods are drunk on the small amount of power that they have and power corrupts, as their messiah complex sets in. At first, I thought that sounded a bit of a cliché but on reflection, I agree. He was in agreement with me that David doesn't care. In fact, it was him I ripped the shit on the nose line from.

It is nice to be nice. Agreed. Respect is also nice but also a two-way street. The third time Kewpie was out of order, I had a little more to say. Pity others who should have had something to say while she span out-of-control, didn't. For all the years I posted here, the only person I've ever had a real issue with is Kewpie and I tried harder than I should have to resolve it. I'd be as well talking to my dented wall.

I should never had posted a lot of what I have posted but I'm reactionary and also extremely sensitive. That is another failing for a mod - To make errors or decisions without an apology or explanation. Your wee gang can get together a make a pack decisions but everybody else is reading and judging and they are all part of the bigger, more important group.

Would you really have banned anybody else for my posts today? Really? I don't believe you if you say you would have. There soon wouldn't be anybody left. If (rather than name names) you guys who maintain and run the site don't get your act together. All you are going to be left with is just the dross. Unlike most, some of my posts were about the artist that brings us together. Maybe what is wanted is more posts like, Is Santa real? and other posts of whatever inane thought is in the head at the time. Can you remember the last conversation we had (in person) about Solo? I can. You may have stood up for me in the background but you really should have been out there on the boards, standing up for the group as a collective. You shouldn't have had to because it shouldn't have been allowed. Having happened, David should have got involved to correct it but failing that, somebody should have. I guess it must be tougher to tell Mod friends when they are out-of-order.

How would you react if you walked into your local and were banned for f*** all, just as I was? I did not break any TOS but collectively, you felt I needed to be brought down a peg or two. The sinner needed to be punished. Remember what I said in that conversation about how I'd react to that?

I hope the new found fairness you speak of is practised and equally among all members.

I hope you don't mind me copying in David but I want him to see the full picture, even if he doesn't. He is then completely responsible for what action he does or doesn't take on his site.


Date: 28/10/2008 00:37:08 GMT Standard Time
From: DavidT

I'm sorry you feel it is unfair but Peter's actions are correct and the
same action I would have taken and others. "You know that I am
right."... that sounds more Hitler-esque than anything kewpie has ever
said. Frankly, my opinion is that you are wrong.

You have long been harassing kewpie and this is a violation of the TOS.
If anyone else had done the same they would have gotten the same
infraction. Actually, since you have been a long-time user we have been
lighter - you haven't been banned immediately. Moderation is not an
exact science but if you want to be treated the same as any other random
user I can give you a permanent ban if you like.

I also reject your opinion that I 'don't give a f***' as I continue to
spend hours reading and responding to your complaints. If you tell me
specifically what you want and back up your claims, I can give you a
specific response. And don't say 'it's all there, just look'.
Date: 28/10/2008 16:51:27 GMT Standard Time
From: Morrisseythe23rd


I fully accept moderation is not an exact science. That is possibly one of the reasons the rules the are not applied equally but the law of averages would mean any injustice would balance itself out over time, unless prejudice is practised. You can claim it isn't, as is your right but we both do know better Fuhrer. You can also decide that the problem between Kewpie and myself is my creation but I proved it was hers. I also proved the attempts I made to stop it and the instances she continued to harass me unchecked by her peers. Blinker-boy.

It is not a requirement of a Mod to desperately look for stuff to be righteously indignated by. Nor when there's nothing obvious to censor, is there a need to pretend to be shocked by next to nothing.

I agree if I had not been a long time-user, I would have been treated differently and quite rightly. I am aware you have not banned me immediately but plan to do so in stages. You writing things like, do you want you money back? or I can give you a permanent ban if you like, or pull the trigger on you, as I have wrote previous bore me. They just demonstrate you to be a wank and you can only except a wanky response. It would be similar to writing, I could smash your face in if you like? Going out of your way to confrontationally say on the boards that you've banned Grim for a year is a demonstration of your double-standards, you champion of hand-picked trolls. I also see how you yet again did not respond to evidence.

I could create various user-names and hide behind a proxy creating high levels of damage but I've only ever created one user name and played fair. I now know the process of how you change a general good guy to a troublesome troll and have a better understand of them and why they did/do as they do. Push me that way if you wish.

Still, I appreciate what effort you do make.


Subject: Re: Steven Patrick Where Are You Now?
Date: 29/10/2008 18:43:37 GMT Standard Time
From: Morrisseythe23rd


I appreciate the unmerging of this thread and Kewpie's apology. Please pass on my acceptance and thanks to her. This is most definitely a welcome step forward.


Some people who in the past have received infractions may never have returned. Simply because the infraction has to expire then the user log in to discover it. That seems a strange way to do things to me. Here is my first disciplinary action ever against me on Morrissey-solo:

You have received an infraction at Morrissey-solo Forums

Wrinkly Member

Dear Morrissey the 23rd,

You have received an infraction at Morrissey-solo Forums.

Reason: Take a timeout
Come on Hugh, you know that is completely out of order.

This infraction is worth 3 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

Original Post:
Be honest. Who have you been reminded of?
All the best,
Morrissey-solo Forums

The Cat's Mother

The reason I've not popped into The wrong arms for a pint is, well, my desire to pour a pint of my own piss over Kewpie isn't going to weaken there. It's seems to be the bastard child from a one-night stand with solo. It would depend on how Kate runs her site, the people that serve it and the members that use it.

Not particularly directed at Hugh, but since he raised the issue, here are the rules of The Wrong Arms.

"In addition to the standard Proboards TOS, by applying to join The Wrong Arms forum you are agreeing to the following additional rules. Rules are subject to change because I get mood swings.

01. Don’t break the rules. It’ll get you banned.

02. Don’t be an arse. It’ll get you banned.

03. Understand that this is a privately run fan forum, not a democracy. Don’t play the entitlement card with me, Princess; I'll ban you for whatever reason I please. Especially if you bore me. And I bore easily.

04. Do NOT use this forum to play out feuds from other websites or forums. Whatever you've done elsewhere, you get a clean sheet when you come to The Wrong Arms. Don't mess things up for yourself or others by dragging in shit from elsewhere.

05. Constructive criticism of artists and their work is welcomed. Gratuitious slagging-off isn’t. This is a fan forum, remember?

06. Don’t troll, harrass, flame or stalk your fellow members. Bullying will not be tolerated. Unless it's me doing the bullying. Or unless I think it's funny.

07. Don’t advertise items for sale except on the appropriate boards.

08. Respect the laws of copyright.

09. Offensive, fatuous and otherwise crap threads will be locked and cast intoThe Sin Bin! . I'll decide what's crap.

10. If you have less than 100 posts, any thread you start yourself will be held for moderation before other members can read it. Don't post 100 loads of drivel to try to get full thread posting rights asap or the mods will hold you back for being a twit; if your moderated threads are okay, they'll be approved anyway. Un-moderated thread posting access may be held back or revoked just because I feel like it. Or just because I can't be arsed to go tampering with the settings. Deal with it.

11. Re-read Rule 02 as many times as necessary. "

So yes, it is being run "differently" to Solo. Be careful what you wish for.... :p

Mike Mozfan

cardholder since 1999

I agree there should be some sort of rules, but no one should be banned for expressing opinions, in this country (USA) it's the 1st amendment: the right to free speech. Now on the other hand, how ppl. react to the so-called offensive postings, that is THEIR problem! That is my 2 cents. When I started coming here in '99, not even the mods had this power and I think it is going to their heads, I am really surprised that David is buying intoo it, I thought he was smarter. And I am sorry, you can ban me for this, but I have seen Kewpie in chat and he/she is a bitch! :guitar:


get a life

Do not spread false rumour Mike Mozfan.

If you find a chatroom user Kewpie is abusive to others you can always report to [email protected]

Chatroom is infested by internet nutcases who are bitter twisted individuals.
They have nothing better than insulting others.

I was told that a loser was impersonating me using my forum user name.

David and other moderators know I do not use chatroom.
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Ben Chill

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I'm not getting involved in the rights and wrongs of all this, I have an opinion but quite frankly I've more pressing matters.

I just wanted to say that Peter appears to me to be a most decent bloke trying to help run the best fan site in the world. It's a shame he appears in this drama. I have rarely met, in real life or on the internet, a better person.

That's all. Won't help the debate, but I just wanted to say it.

I'm not getting involved in the rights and wrongs of all this, I have an opinion but quite frankly I've more pressing matters.

I just wanted to say that Peter appears to me to be a most decent bloke trying to help run the best fan site in the world. It's a shame he appears in this drama. I have rarely met, in real life or on the internet, a better person.

That's all. Won't help the debate, but I just wanted to say it.


Good lord--you're banned now, too?


lovable loser

Oh my god. it's Robby!

spontaneously luminescent
Re: huh?

Yeah, I think you did. I think it was the tabasco sauce. Before you had banana'd and then you changed it to banned, and then I think boggy made a thread and pretended you were really banned.
somebody did that really? well that joke isnt funny anymore :cool:
i already having a very hard time deciding how much effort to put into keeping track of who is banned and why so i dont accidentally stray from the straight and narrow* :eek:
fake bannings is just too much to consider as well :confused:

*=ok i am not that narrow yet, but these things take time :o


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Grim and Flax

I dont know them personally but i do feel there should be a discussion about why they were banned? surely? as i said i dont know the people involved but i do think its fair that a disussion is available maybe there was one and i missed it ??
so this is a place where we can talk about it unless as i assume its moved somewhere else.



Re: Grim and Flax

Flax hasn't been banned, he stopped posting forums.

If you go to site feedback, you find out about Grim.

You also find Grim in The Wrong Arms
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Re: Grim and Flax

I dont know them personally but i do feel there should be a discussion about why they were banned? surely? as i said i dont know the people involved but i do think its fair that a disussion is available maybe there was one and i missed it ??
so this is a place where we can talk about it unless as i assume its moved somewhere else.


em flax is still allowed to post unless im too drunk and can't think straight, Grim knows the score with the other thing. He is ok really get him on Kates site.
I am not sure if that reads ok,

im drunk



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what it feels to me is that it s a certain moderators way of keeping people down who you dont agree with
coventry drama grimandhughrule handbags at dawn i miss grim
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