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Ok you Moz Solo sharks, here is some chum..

I recently held a gun to the heads of my fellow Smiths Tribute band members convincing them to play one of my original songs from the early 90s. As you will hear, my original band was HEAVILY influenced by The Smiths!

My tribute band played a low key birthday show at a local Irish Bar and we learned/played this song together the night before.

So here is a tribute band original, albeit with Smiths training wheels.

Enjoy...or maybe not?..:guitar:
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Welcome to the forums, orlandissey :)
I've listened to your work before. I specifically liked when you did "Last Night I Dreamt" with unwoman. :thumb:
Good to have you here.


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I liked it! Great job. I'm going to try to catch you guys this weekend at House of Blues. :)
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