Fans who know each other at shows?


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I've been a fan of the Smiths and Morrissey since high school but I only attended my first Morrissey concert in 2012. For the recent Hollywood Bowl show I splurged and bought Pool Circle tickets (closest section to the front). I got there early and as people filed in it was like everyone knew each other. And then within the Pool Circle there's an even smaller section for about a dozen people right in the middle. During the intermission between the opening act and Morrissey there were a bunch of people going in and out of that section, as well as hovering around the stage. They all seemed like friends, hugging each other and socializing. Is there a weekly Moz get-together is LA that I don't know about or are these fans who follow him from show to show?

Side note: It was funny watching 3 guys who kept getting kicked out of that front area even before the show started. One of them argued with the guard for about 10 minutes. Let the poor guy do his job.


You’ll probably find it’s the likes of Violeta, Trinity, Doug, Pepe f***in Val. They need exterminating. Think they’ve a good given right to do as they please. Trinity especially. Oh, and Violeta hanging off Silly Sammy - embarrassing.


There’s the one who appears on the cover of Satellite of Love with moz


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This video shows some of the people I saw. One of the guys fighting for Moz's jacket was sitting next to me at the start but then he kept moving from seat to seat. Honestly, watching the crowd was pretty amusing itself.



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People in the front tend to be fans who go to almost every show and have been going to shows for many years so they all know each other. If you queue all day for shows in order to be in front, you end up meeting people while standing around all day.
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