Eurovision-What if you had to use a song from the back catalogue?


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I know the whole Moz/Eurovision thing is kinda far fetched, but what if you had to choose a song from his SOLO back catalogue to represent England?

I quite like his jaunty b-sides from the 'Your Arsenal' era, 'There Speaks a True Friend', 'Pashernate Love' etc but I guess it might have to be something longer than 2 mintues 30 seconds.

Maybe 'Everyday Is Like Sunday.'

I dunno so much to choose from!!

Suggestions anyone?


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I see now, thanks to Wikipedia.

I'm happy about this, anyway:

The most notable winning Eurovision artists whose career was directly launched into the spotlight following their win were ABBA, who won the Contest for Sweden in 1974 with their song Waterloo. ABBA went on to be one of the most successful bands of their time.

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Hold on to your would be a good choice...the title is even appealing to the majority of the "commercial crowd" :p
just another song into the basket: Have-a-go Merchant or Certain People I Know...
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