I just bought a black Rickenbacker 330. I am going to pick it up today, but I'm going to ship it almost immediately to have vintage-style kluson tuners installed on it, like Johnny has. I hate the look of Schaller tuners! So I won't get to enjoy it for a while yet.

I haven't bought one, but I have heard a lot of good things about the JangleBox, and the Smiths are mentioned on their web page as one of the sounds it can get you towards. It's a very transparent compressor that approximates the huge compressors studios used on the byrds, beatles etc. Especially good on a 12 string, but would be great for smiths stuff because Johnny is often playing 2 notes at a time. Btw, Johnny is using a Diamond compressor on his newest pedal board.

You can find the JangleBox here.
clear trichomes
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Can anyone recommnd me some good strings for a Rickenbacker 360 6 string?
I've tried elixirs and they went dead after a few weeks, ive jsut put flatwounds on and i don't like them either...
im stumped!


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oddly enough i use a firstact delay pedal....the cheap beginner brand... i was bored and saw it at toys-r-us one day and it turned out to be a great pedal for the marr style reverb/delay that i've been using for years. if you set it right you can get great effects for such songs such as 'girl afraid' and 'vicar in a tutu'. i combine it with my danelectro phaser pedal to get the 'how soon is now' effect and 'you just haven't earn it yet' so moral of the story i ended up getting a great pedal at a cheap price at got the desired smith effect out of it. i like using my phaser pedal for playing 'jack the ripper' rythm guita part but anyways just wanted to put my 2 cents in
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