Driving from DC area to Philly on Saturday, have one extra ticket


I am traveling to Philly from DC for Saturday's Morrissey show at the Academy of Music. I have two tickets, and my friend who lives in Philly and who was planning to go with me won't be able to go. I am selling his ticket for face value & charges, which come to $82.78.

The ticket is:
Family Circle
Section C
Row E
Seat 36

Scroll over this seating chart to see where this is:

You can paypal me payment, and I can send you the PDF of your ticket.

I'll be in seat 34.

There are still plenty of tickets left in this section, but I am posting this in the event that someone wants to go from DC/Baltimore to Philly for the show, and wants someone to split driving and gas with. I am planning to drive up on Saturday in the early afternoon and drive back to DC right after the show, so this could be a fine situation for you if you want to go and don't want to put wear and tear on your car.

Apologies if this is not the appropriate place to post this sort of thing, just let me know and I'll remove, thanks.
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