Daniel Johnston, Orville Peck, & what could have or might still be...

One Time Only

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This will be a one time only post from me.

I always hoped for a double A-side LP titled "Morrissey sings Daniel, Daniel sings Morrissey", but that was only probably me... & then Daniel Johnston wasn't here anymore. (Perhaps there's still an LP in the making: 'Morrissey Sings Daniel"?)

Then along comes Orville:

The world for most of us is a broken place, but people & their music come along to patch the breaks.

Bye, bye.


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Not sure about the chances for a "Morrissey Sings Daniel" LP, but I absolutely adored Orville's debut LP and was thrilled when it was reported that Morrissey went to his concert in 2019. In a better world, he would be the ideal opening act for Moz.
He also covered The Righteous Brothers' You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' recently, which Morrissey was supposed to do in a duet with Bowie.
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