Chris Isaak -- We Let Her Down


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Morrissey and Chris Isaak have some of the best traits in common. Well that's my opinion but let me know what you think about the two.

I've liked Chris Isaak for a long time but I just came across his song "We Let Her Down" from his 2009 record and it shows that you can still make great and meaningful songs at 50+.

If you don't know it check it out... very emotional song and cool video.

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agreed. i really liked that song. forever blue is a fav of mine and of course lie to me and blue hotel. they both have elvis in common


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THe video is horrible. A condensed-time ghost shot of walking all the way up to a door from a sidewalk?


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I love Isaak's voice. Underrated singer, honestly. I also love "Wicked Game." Oooooooh...imagine Moz covering it (which he probably never would). Hot video, too...Jesus....smokin'. (I also like when HIM covered "Wicked Game.")

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actually discovered this song burning a CD of songs for my stepmother a couple years back. Found it to be fantastic. Always liked what I had heard from him (Wicked Game, Somebody's Crying, Baby Did a Bad.., etc) but I never really looked into his stuff. Seems like a cood dude as well. Actually he was just here in town last night
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