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Hi all,

I have tickets I posted for sale on Craigslist and it didn't dawn on me to find a Moz message board instead. After being contacted by many obvious scammers and others offering me half of face value (I assume scalpers looking to resell) I decided to try to find a place with Morrissey fans to sell. I'm still going to the show, I just ended up with two groups of tickets and kept the loge seats for myself and selling the floor tickets.

This is my Craigslist ad below. I'm only trying to get back what I paid, I don't want to screw over fans. So please respect me the same and don't contact me with offers of less than what I'm asking.
[email protected] (Craigslist reply email to contact me)

I have four tickets for Morrissey at the Chicago Theatre on Oct 27th. Great seats on the main floor in a center section.

Section: Main floor 4R
Row: D (about 20 rows from the stage)
Seats: 410, 412, 414, 416 (even numbers all together)

Seating chart:

Asking $85/each, which is right about face value plus service charges. Will sell as separate pairs or all four, but not as singles.

Have actual tickets sent by mail from Ticketmaster, not "print at home".

Cash and in person transaction only. Can meet in evening or weekend day in River North or downtown areas or during weekdays in Hyde Park.
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