"California Son" 4.5/6 in Germany’s leading music magazine Musikexpress

Germans leading music magazine ‘musikexpress’ rated California Son (4.5/6)

Source: https://www.musikexpress.de/reviews/morrissey-california-son/

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Morrissey California Son
André Boße 23.05.2019

Morrissey wants to save his ass. The man also needs that: how much love did he receive until a few years ago, and how awkward and malicious was he dealt with it? The posse about the right-wing populist statements in an interview with the "mirror" was hard to bear, after which he canceled his entire European tour. The Mozzer on the ground!

Now the rehab begins: CALIFORNIA SON is a cover album recorded with honorable guests such as Ed Droste by Grizzly Bear and Petra Haden, and Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day is also there. The list should show: Look, I'm not isolated, I'm still part of the scene.

The selection of pieces is exquisite, Morrissey is a connoisseur, a fan - and he wants to prove it to us. He sends signals that politically put him back in the right light: He sings "Days Of Decision" of the left protest folk Phil Ochs, Dylan he covers "Only A Pawn In Their Game", dedicated to the 1963 murdered civil rights activist Medgar Evers , Buffy Sainte-Marie's "Suffer The Little Children", in which she criticizes failed pedagogy in schools in the age of capitalism, says, "Take a little drink from the liar's cup".

Does Morrissey show insight? Or does he turn the template secretly? Hard to say. The time of innocence is over, he has finished it himself, you will never hear Morrissey the way he used to do - though you would like to, if he sings formally "It's Over" by Roy Orbison.
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