"Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?' single release March 2020, with Thelma Houston - TH FB

[I don't recall seeing this detail anywhere else, apologies if it's already been covered!]
Posted by Thelma Houston Official on Facebook:

Yes the rumors are true that the wonderful song I recorded for Morrissey’s new CD called “I Am Not A Dog On A Chain” (to be released on @thenewbmg @bmguk ) is scheduled to be the first single release in March 2020! The song is called “Bobby, Don’t You Think They Know?” It was produced by the legendary Joe Chiccarelli @artfitpro . I am so excited and thankful about this upcoming song with Morrissey


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everyone is an expert on everything.


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everyone is an expert on everything.
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Nerak: in the celu,at the top right is the icon of 3 click points there an it opears to translate,you pass what is spanish to english and ready it is fast and i do it but the other hand, i would not go crazy to translate everything,I like Moz,but neither the peck
I think you mean "graft" not "graph". Also, why are you giving him so much credit and power?

nope. I meant it as such, it's sort of a nickname for dermatographia

You posted it Cro-bitch. Least you can do is own your own shit.

No bigger pussy than a troll who changes their name in an attempt to be relevant - knowing that NOBODY is buying the bullshit.

f***ing Melvis fans, eh? Weak and thin as gruel. Carry on.

Hey there ignoramus, I posted that graph.

Why don't you BUY INTO what your selling? doh:

"Anonymous" [Skinny Minion] will now vanish like a fart in the wind not following his/her own bullshit either. :mock:


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Nerak: in the celu,at the top right is the icon of 3 click points there an it opears to translate,you pass what is spanish to english and ready it is fast and i do it but the other hand, i would not go crazy to translate everything,I like Moz,but neither the peck

Thanks Luji.


It's hardly an echo chamber - it's packed full of obsessive Morrissey haters who ignore 99% of everything he's ever said to focus on a few pull-quotes & a pin.
So says the one-time hate monger forced to change identity for the poison and bile spewed out, known as @reelfountain? How long can you refrain and restrain from doing that which you’re known for, eh? Very unlikely indeed. You can’t control yourself. Any difference you’ve no control over is a crime to you.
Hope Not Hate and various journos must have a hefty file on you to be soon released for all to see.
And as for Corbyn? He’s got no need for your support. The vast majority of Jews I know personally aren’t scared of him, but have taking flak on his behalf when defending him.
Are they self-haters? No. Just decent working-class folks facing down Zionists and living their lives, treating others with common decency, warmth and humanity. I know this from a lifetime of experience


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Yeah. In his old-age, he’s fully reverted from intelligent, thinking-individual - back to his sky fairy worshipping roots. ...and Catholics are the absolute WORST of the fruit-cake bunch. The most corrupt, apologist, rape and pillage supporting diddlers on the planet.

Nobody with a half-functioning brain takes a religulous f***-tard seriously.

The one thing that’s common among Morrissey and his weak-ass, felching-minions is their overwhelming delusion. Not hard to eye-roll on everything we’ve been hearing from this sad, sorry lot.

When you’re dead, you’re food for worms - just like everyone else. I always wonder why these rubes don’t make an attempt to accept responsibility for the fact that their sad, ignorant sorry sacks of shit. ...and deal with it while they’re above ground?

Being a religious son-of-a-bitch (especially a Catholic) is just an excuse for acting like a complete dick for your entire life and then apologizing on your death-bed to get into the non-existent next one. Sounds perfect for Melvis.

A c*** for life will be remembered as a c*** - long after maggots have crawled out their mortal eyes. ;)

What a childish comment. May I ask how old you are? You might develop a more mature understand of religious faith as you grow older...

Deleted member 28251

What a childish comment. May I ask how old you are? You might develop a more mature understand of religious faith as you grow older...
The author of the comment you’re responding to curiously (and ironically) represents evolution in reverse. He is degenerating back to the pond. It’s hilarious that he celebrates this as his triumph.

Let him wear the mud and shit as his trophy. I, personally, love it when he comes on here and holds it up for all to see.

He is truly the last amongst the least.
i am not a dog on a chain info

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