Anyone else amazed that this website is still up?


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I mean Morrissey's been dead for over 30 years since Viva Hate but I guess sites like these exist because The Smiths were so great.


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Perhaps its the strength of his past work, or maybe everything thereafter. But I am not amazed at all at Morrissey-Solo's longevity.

Its not just fanaticism that simply keeps this website afloat. It is due to the primary work by one who has courage of conviction, parlaying a great fanzine into a place for all of us to congregate.

Its been said before - this site kept the fires burning while Moz's career took a long nap. We owe much to DavidT, carrying a burden of which few fans commit themselves. This is why I subscribe.

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He'd be more convincingly dead if you didn't feel the need to make a snarky thread about him in 2021.

Famous when dead

There are approx 2.1 million posts on this site in its various historical forms.
All of them 9 years after Viva Hate was released and the majority are Morrissey articles & discussion.


also it's a good place to talk about klaus nomi and neil codling!
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