An idea for Morrissey's final tour

Which set would you choose?

  • Kill Uncle/ Your Arsenal

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  • Ringleader / Years of Refusal

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Ugly Devil

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I like the idea of Morrissey doing a seven night residency at a London venue; for example the roundhouse.
Each night playing two of his albums back to back in chronological order. As follows...
Monday : Viva Hate/ Bona Drag
Tuesday : Kill Uncle/ Your Arsenal
Wednesday : Vauxhall/ Southpaw
Thursday : Malajusted/ Quarry
Friday : Ringleader/ Refusal
Saturday : World Peace/ High School
Sunday : Selection of Singles/ B-sides

This would be a great send off for the fans. If you could only pick one night to attend which would you go for? I'd probably pick Wednesday. Vauxhall and Southpaw.

Quando quando quando

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Me too.
(Without the hashtag obviously) :paranoid:


World Peace and Low in High School for me. My favourite Morrissey album and some new stuff!

But, I'd also love to get imaginary tickets for Singles and B-Sides too!


Of course we don’t know high school yet but world peace is one of my favs. In light of not hearing the new one yet I’d pick maladjusted quarry. I’m assuming you’re meaning the original albums though id prefer the reissue


A lot of unknown music to learn for his friends who plays the instruments (on the stage).
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